What if I told you that property management marketing can be tailored to bring you the right kind of owner leads for your specific business?

Would you be interested? We hope so.

Why spend your time and money chasing leads that aren’t going to work out with your company? Instead, you could be creating marketing campaigns that target clients who will not only sign on with you, but thrive working with your company’s specific structure and niche. If your clients are thriving, you are.

Today, we’re sharing some property management marketing ideas to attract these kinds of owner leads for your business.

Owner Marketing Ideas for Property Managers:

1. Identify Your Ideal Owner Client

At Fourandhalf, we believe that good marketing requires the definition of your ideal client.

Many property managers say they’re willing to work with anyone who rents out a home in their area. That’s pretty broad, and it’s probably not entirely true. For example, do you really want to work with dreadful owners who take up a lot of your time? Do you want to work with properties that are falling apart and in violation of every possible code? Do you want to manage homes in terrible neighbourhoods? Probably not.

You can probably tell us quite easily what you want in an ideal tenant. It should be just as easy to tell us what you want in an ideal owner.

If you’re not sure who that ideal owner might be, glance at your existing portfolio:

  • Which owners give you the most profit without driving you and your staff crazy?

  • What types of properties do they own? Where are they located?

2. Create Content Driven by Property Owner Pain Points

Your next job is to create content that speaks directly to that ideal owner’s pain.

Write blogs, record videos, and put together eBooks. Offer website content that deals with the problems that you know these owners are struggling to solve. Your SEO will improve because you’re putting your website in front of owners who need that specific help. The more you’re helping owners understand their problems and figure out solutions, the more trustworthy you look to Google.

Property Management Marketing Ideas: Content Marketing

3. Add Frequently Asked Questions for Owners

A list of frequently asked questions can also help you attract owner leads. Include the FAQs on your website. Every owner you encounter is in a unique stage of the buying cycle. Some owners may be going after generic information, so they want a quick answer. Other owners may be more serious about it, and they’ll want a deep dive on a particular topic.

Make sure you can cater to both audiences.

Check your inbox and your voicemail. You get a lot of questions from existing owners and owner leads that come up again and again. Those are the answers you should provide on your website.

4. Create a User-Friendly Property Management Website

A property management website only draws in leads if it’s user-friendly. When they visit your website, prospective owners want to find information or perform an action. If they can’t find the information or perform the action, they will leave your site and go elsewhere.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Property Management

Your website needs the right keywords to get in front of the owners you’re trying to reach. So, it’s important that you know which keywords your ideal owners are searching for.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about the keywords. Your SEO relies on website copy, blogs, and videos. You also have to use the right page titles and descriptions. Everything works together to bring you to the top of search results. You need to work with a marketing agency that understands the industry so that they know what to look for when they are crafting your website copy.

Property Management Marketing Ideas: User-Friendly Website

6. Update Your Property Management Packages & Pricing

It’s critical that you publish your pricing on your website. Make sure you review it from time to time as well, so you can be sure you’re offering the services and the price points that your ideal clients are seeking.

7. Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation really matters when you’re marketing your property management company. Like the famous quote says, it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and only a second to destroy it. You need a plan for how to deal with negative reviews.

Not all negative reviews will destroy your business. They can even be used to improve your business. You might notice that complaints are almost always about a particular vendor or a certain staff member. Use that information to your advantage.

8. Email Marketing Can Nurture Your Owner Leads

Email marketing can warm up stagnant leads. Some of your leads are probably not ready to close right now. But, don’t cast them off. Property owners are making a big decision when they choose a management company. You can help them. Show them what they need to know. Answer their questions and calm their fears.

9. Referral Programs for Existing Owner Clients, Realtors and Vendors

Create referral programs. Offer an incentive to your existing clients, who probably know other owners. Offer Realtor referral programs as well, and offer incentives to your vendors for any new business they help you bring in.

Property Management Marketing Ideas: Referrals

10. Put Together a Property Management Marketing Plan

You need a property management marketing plan. It will keep you focused and consistent. It doesn’t matter how fast you are growing; if you are going in the wrong direction or you don’t know which direction you’re running in, you’ll never get to your destination.

If you need any help implementing these property management marketing ideas or you’d like to start with a marketing plan, contact us at Fourandhalf. We are passionate about helping property managers like you win at every stage of marketing and growth.

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