To quickly win the attention of owners and investors, you need some educational video blogs on relevant property management topics. You’ll position yourself as an expert with potential solutions to their ongoing landlord problems. Content marketing helps you grow your business.

So, if you’re not doing it, why not?

Today, we’re explaining the two major reasons that property managers don’t publish content. We’re also reminding you that this is the best time to film and write your blogs. Don’t wait – there are properties to acquire.

Building Content Takes Time

To publish content, you’ll need to find the time to film, research keywords, create blogs, upload videos, and then get everything published.

Weddings take time to plan too, and the end result is pretty great. Make time to create content.

Consider this: According to statistics, small businesses that blog regularly see lead growth that’s 126 percent higher than small businesses that don’t blog. You need to invest some time to create these blogs, but you’ll save a lot of time when those blogs are on your site and doing all the sales work that you don’t have to do. These blogs become assets that will continue helping you for years.

Building Content Requires Confidence

We know that when you put your name on a blog, you want it to be perfect. This content represents you and your company.

Find your confidence. You’ve been managing properties for years, and you’re covering topics that you know well. All of the questions that landlords and investors and tenants ask you are questions that you are now answering on camera and in writing. You have the expertise you need. You don’t have to be amazing, you simply have to be informational. Provide education that people need.  

You can take your time with the research and production of your content so you can build it up before you publish anything. But remember that Google, YouTube, and other platforms won’t wait. The faster you start writing blogs and filming videos and posting content, the faster you’ll have new landlords and potential clients hearing what you have to say and reaching out to contact you.  

If you’re not sure where to start, no worries. At Fourandhalf, we have helped hundreds of property management companies around the U.S. and in Australia and New Zealand with content marketing.

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