In today’s blog, we are going to talk about property management online reviews, and how you can utilize them to boost your SEO. First, let’s talk about how Google sees the relationship between your website and your online reviews.

How Property Management Online Reviews Can Affect SEO:

Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Bali for after the pandemic. How do you know where to stay, what to eat, and where to get the best souvenirs?

You might ask your best mates who’ve been there before for their recommendations for an affordable hotel or an off-the-beaten-track hostel. Maybe you ask the friendly locals about their favourite dishes. Everyone you ask has knowledge that came from experience. Their advice is more personal, unbiased, and trustworthy than a random ad on a billboard.

This is precisely what Google does when they want to know if your website and your business is the best recommendation for their searchers. Just like when you look for online recommendations on where to eat, Google looks at online reviews of your property management business to determine the best ones to present to their audience.

You can utilize online reputations to your advantage and improve your property management website’s SEO in the process.

Brief note: Can’t remember what SEO is? Don’t sweat it! Take a look at our SEO basics blog for a quick reminder.

Now that you’ve refreshed yourself, here are two ways that you can use online reviews to improve SEO:

How to Use Your Online Reputation for Better SEO

You can also improve your SEO by syndicating the starred reviews to your property management website. This means that you add the feeds from Google, Facebook, and other third-party reviewers to your website. When a user writes a new review for you, search engines will consider that review as fresh, new content. Google checks your site periodically to see if your website has been updated recently. Sites with regular updates tell Google that it’s active and a good source of the latest information. If you have a review widget on your site that’s collecting new reviews, that’s new content that you didn’t blog about or otherwise work for. Too easy, right?

The other way that online reputation can improve your property management SEO is by enhancing your click-through rate. Your Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks you get on a link per the number of people who view it. When potential leads are researching property management companies in their area, if they see you only have a few or no online reviews, they’re less likely to click through to your website. On the other hand, if you have numerous reviews recommending your services, people are much more likely to click through to your website to find out more about you. Your Click-Through Rate is an important ranking factor for your SEO.

If you need help leveraging online reviews to your advantage, give Fourandhalf a call. We specialise in property management marketing and we can set up your website so that online reviews work for you and help improve your SEO.