Benefits of Having a Property Management Video Blog

At Fourandhalf, we’re always working with property management companies that want to grow. When we recommend creating a property management video blog, we hear a lot of excuses. No one is especially eager to get in front of the camera.

We understand. It’s scary. Nerve wracking. You hate the way your voice sounds and your hair never looks right. But, you want to grow your business, so you need to create good content. Property management video blogs demonstrate your expertise, put a face to your company name, and help your website’s SEO. So let’s get you comfortable in front of the camera.

If you’re still hesitating, today’s blog will help. We’re providing you with five tips that make it easier for you to be on camera.

Identify Your Takeaways

The first tip is to start at the end. What does this mean? It means taking the time to identify what you want your audience to learn while they’re listening to you speak. What are your intended takeaways? Knowing this before you start filming should help you plan what you want to say. You can jot down some talking points. Once you’re on camera, the conversation will feel more natural, and you’ll already have your call to action planned.

Start with an Outline, not an Essay

An outline can help you. An essay might confuse you.

You don’t want to do a full write-up of what you plan to say or post in the video. Instead, write some brief notes. Little comments are better than full sentences. If you outline the topics, you’ll be better positioned to speak naturally. If you’re preoccupied with sticking to a script, you might get confused and falter. Don’t be too attached to what you believe is the perfect word or phrase.

List some bullet points that will keep you focused while you’re speaking. It’s too much pressure to try and follow a full script. Instead of reading from a page, paraphrase what you would write down. The goal is to sound like you’re having a simple chat with your audience.

Smile, and Breathe

Studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can really relax you. Put this to work for you. Right before starting your blog, remember to take a deep breath and smile. You have no idea how helpful that is in setting the right tone for your property management video blog. Always start and end your blog with a smile.

Imagine Yourself Giving a TED Talk

This is one of the favourite techniques that we use when we’re filming blogs at Fourandhalf. It helps you take yourself seriously, and it allows you to envision yourself in a setting where you’re providing important information to an engaged audience.

Your Property Management Video Blog Should Showcase Your Passion!

Always have fun with your property management video blog. Although the main reason to do video blogs is for property owners to find you, it’s also an opportunity to show viewers your authentic passion for property management. Consumers prefer brands that are authentic and real. You want to make sure you are letting your personality show so they know who they’re talking to when they pick up the phone and call your company.

Good luck with filming your blogs, and if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your digital marketing team at Fourandhalf.