What’s so special about the way you deliver property management services?

If there’s something different about your company, or a specialty that’s yours alone, you have a unique selling proposition.

There are a number of things that every property management company in Australia does well. Every company claims to use innovative technology, manage diverse portfolios of real estate, conduct extensive tenant screening, and protect owners against high costs and legal problems.

If you’re struggling to set yourself apart from the pack of other companies in your market, we’ve got some good tips on finding your own unique selling proposition.

Content Can Really Set Your Company Apart

We’re always going to tell you about the value of great content and videos. It’s what we do.

Using video blogs on your website or a separate blog site will your company a face to go with the name. This is something that can immediately differentiate you.

Your Reviews Will Set You Apart

Check the heaps of customer reviews you should have on Google and other online review sites. Look for things your company does especially well and seize upon the compliments you and your team have received from tenants and owners. These are all great things you might not even realize you’re doing.

Don’t ignore the negative reviews. There’s no reason to shout about the things that need work, but if you’re struggling in a specific area, be aware of that and leave it out of your selling proposition.

Communicate and Connect Better

Are you managing to communicate your unique selling proposition? Learn how to demonstrate the benefits of working with your company, and use specifics. This will help your customers understand what you do, and they’ll connect with you better.

Perhaps you want to promote the value proposition that you can eliminate the stress and frustration that comes with managing a rental property. That’s great, but all property managers are telling potential clients that same thing.

Introduce specifics, and tell owners that they won’t have to worry about phone calls while they’re on holiday. This gives them a tangible way to see and feel the benefits you can provide.

Additional Ways to Make Your Company Different

What are some other things you can do when you’re selling yourself as the property management company that’s different?

  •       Consider introducing a unique pricing model other companies aren’t using.
  •       Identify the specific type of owner or investor you’re great at helping. Landlords living outside of Australia, perhaps, or landlords who inherited a property and don’t know what to do with it.
  •       Celebrate your achievements, such as awards or designations. Promote your memberships in professional organizations.

If you can call attention to things like these, your website visitors and potential customers will feel like they know and trust you.

Use your big personality if you’re well-known in the community and you find it easy to talk to people and sell yourself. This can help you at events, trade shows, and organised conferences.

Strategies to Avoid

Don’t overthink or over complicate your unique selling proposition. That can look fake and discouraging. The goal is to build trust, so be concrete while attracting ideal clients.  

Uniqueness can help you, but it’s not something to focus on at the expense of everything else in your marketing plan. When you do a good job of championing your own values, you’ll attract some great business and establish trust with your customers.   

Have a go at these suggestions, and if you need any help setting yourself apart from your competition, contact us at Fourandhalf. We’re here to help.