Recently John shared a blog about property management websites. That blog hadn’t even been posted yet, when he received an email that reminded him of a question that we get asked all the time: what’s with those weird emails from random companies about SEO? Are these property management SEO spam emails? Or are they legit?

You may have received one email or a bunch of emails that tell you your website is not ranking for important keywords. They will promise to help you.

Our clients are smart enough to suspect that these are spam emails and it’s true – they are absolutely spam.

The companies trying to get your money don’t know much about you. They have no idea whether you’re ranking well in search results or if you really do need help.

Property Management SEO Spam Emails & What You Should Know About Them:

Avoid Predatory SEO Companies

We know these are spam emails because at Fourandhalf, we get them too. We’re a digital marketing company, and we know better than to trust shady and black hat SEO companies. We want you to avoid these scams too.

Companies like this prey on what people don’t know about how to rank successfully online.

We take this personally, because some of our clients have used these companies in the past. They might have good initial results, but those results don’t hold. And, they end up being penalized by Google. It’s a good way to waste time and money trying to recover from the trouble these shady marketing companies have brought you.

An example property management SEO spam email

SEO Best Practices with Change Consistently

These emails may trigger the anxiety that you’re not doing your online marketing right or that your website is failing in some way.

Everyone can improve their search rankings and make better use of keywords. Even us, and this is our area of expertise.


Things are always changing when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

This explains the importance of utilising a program that provides for ongoing maintenance and improvement of your website. Our program helps our clients keep up with these changes and make smart decisions about keywords and marketing strategy.

Generally, these spam emails will promise that you’ll rank in the top spot for a specific keyword. They’ll always choose some keyword that’s easy and useless to prove their point. They might even choose your property management company name as the keyword. Yes, you should be ranking for that, but it’s not the most important thing your marketing efforts should focus on.

There are ways to improve your SEO, keywords, and search ranking without doing shady things.

A Better Way: Add Website Value

There’s a better way to rank higher. You need a reliable, long-term marketing strategy that won’t disrupt the progress you’ve already made. Real SEO success comes when you add value to your website and develop your content. You want to improve and market your brand on an ongoing basis.

Invest in smart SEO. It’s an investment. There is no quick fix, and there are no solutions with shady marketing companies that send spam emails.

These are not reputable SEO authorities.

So, if you get those emails, feel free to do what John does: Read them. Laugh at them. Trash them.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at Fourandhalf.