If you’re like most of the property managers who watched the last Fourandhalf blog, you were left wanting more. On that blog, Michael talked about data paralysis and how to maximize what you know to grow and improve your property management company.

Today, we’re talking about the next steps: our continuous improvement review.

How to Improve Property Management Marketing Performance:

What Does Continuous Improvement Mean?

The term “continuous improvement” isn’t ours. It’s actually a phrase that was first used in 1986, in a book written by Imai called “Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success”. Kai means change and Zen means for the better.

We think this model matches what we help you do. It reflects our process when we work with your property management company. It includes some of our professional values:

  • Listen – We sit down to hear about your goals, your ideal clients and what you want out of your marketing strategy.
  • Collaborate – We work with you to create a marketing strategy.
  • Deliver – We put that marketing strategy into practice.
  • Measure – We take 90 days to collect data on how this strategy is performing for your business.
  • Improve – We meet to share this data with you, and collaboratively make decisions about how we can improve your marketing strategy.

Our continuous improvement process is what helps you succeed whether you’re thinking about a new website, coming up with content, or increasing sales.

Data Analysis and Improving Performance

As Michael told you in our last blog, all of the Fourandhalf marketing programs start with our clients. We can’t help you succeed until we listen and evaluate your performance. Once we hear about your goals and your intentions, we can review your performance and take a hard look at the data.

After we have talked about where you are and where you want to go, our data analysis team provides the information that will help us improve. We measure this against the baseline data that we always include.

At Fourandhalf, we specialise in creating successful property management websites, and over the years we have been able to study, adapt, and learn what we need to know to implement the most important and results-driven tools. Our decisions are based on that data we gather and how it reflects your business goals.

Continuous Improvement Report

Reviewing Our Performance

Once we have the data collected, we schedule a meeting so we can go over your performance together. We know we could simply send you the data, but we believe you get more value when we make this a collaborative experience. Our team wants to know if you’re happy and how we can improve our services to help you improve yours.

We are here to listen, and we use data to drive our recommendations moving forward.

Then, our favourite part: we discuss the action items moving forward.

At Fourandhalf, our continuous improvement review is pretty simple. We look at your business, evaluate it, and decide where to improve it.

If you have any questions about this process or anything that concerns marketing your property management company, please contact us at Fourandhalf. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at our next continuous improvement meeting.