Many of the clients we work with want to direct all their advertising traffic to their website. But what if there was another option that would produce better results?

You’ve worked hard and are spending money on paid ad traffic (PPC Campaigns) so let’s talk about three reasons you should use a dedicated landing page, and why pay-per-click campaigns can help you grow your property management business.  

Your Website Is as Busy as Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne is one of the oldest and busiest railway stations in the world. When you go there, you see different trains and platforms and schedules. Things are confusing and distracting, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. Your website is almost as busy. You have tons of pages, buttons, links, and content. All of that can be overwhelming to a first-time visitor.  

Your website needs all of this information. But, your prospects don’t need all this information – yet. The landing page will focus on closing the deal. Sending potential business to the homepage instead of a landing page may cost you new business.

Heaps of Information Equals Zero Attention Span

Did you know that the attention span of the average person has over time dropped by four seconds? It could be due to smartphones and the availability of other technology. So, having a page with a single focus and absent of distraction is important to your marketing campaign.

Don’t send a new visitor to your homepage where there are 13 different links, especially if only a fraction of those links are relevant to your new business. That’s going to delay conversion or stop it from ever happening.  

Instead, direct the attention of your visitors to one specific “call to action.” That call to action may be a form they can submit to ask for more information or a phone number they can use to call you. This is critical = if you don’t have a call to action on your landing page, people won’t take the next step.

Gather ROI Data

A dedicated landing page also provides accurate data when you’re measuring the results of your ad campaign. It’s important to keep your organic search traffic separate from your paid search traffic. You want to know what you’re spending on leads in general, how much you’re spending on each lead, and whether you’re getting any juicy results from your investment. You’ll know the exact return on investment that your ad campaigns are delivering.

What About Website SEO?

It’s true that sending ad traffic to your website will get you more visitors, but it won’t necessarily increase your search ranking. Google says they keep a strict separation between listings on organic searches and advertising on the AdWords platform.  

At Fourandhalf, we have worked with many property management companies around the world to generate leads through advertising. If you have any questions about landing pages or growing your property management business in Australia or New Zealand, contact us at Fourandhalf, where we do internet marketing for property management companies.