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Are you reaching all the landlords and investors you want to reach? There are a lot of them out there, struggling to manage their own properties or wondering why their current manager isn’t delivering the results that were promised. Our property management marketing and website solutions will help you stand apart from your competition.

How Fourandhalf Helps Property Managers Like You

We take a look at what you’re currently doing to market your property management services. We’ll listen to your goals and talk about your future. We’ll ask what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong. Then, we’ll discuss some strategies we believe will help. We’ll tell you how we’ve helped hundreds of property management companies attract new business and strengthen their current customer relationships. We love to talk about property management marketing, so we’ll tell you about how a new property management website could be a game-changer. We’ll offer some ideas for better content creation. Together, we’ll develop and execute a strategy that wins.


Educational content is where it all starts. When you can answer questions and solve problems with content, you can earn more business. You’ll have to invest some time (around six months) to producing content to the point that you’re seeing more leads. But if you start now, you’ll be kilometers ahead of the competition.

Our strategy is pretty simple, and it’s extremely successful. You’re already answering questions for clients and potential clients every day. Put those answers down on paper or record them in a blog. Write an eBook or launch a landing page. Your educational content gets you attention. It builds trust and it draws new business into your circle.

  • Get found by more property owner prospects

  • Close more management contracts
  • Industry-specific content marketing

Content marketing is the sharing of ideas. Don’t be nervous about filming a video or writing an article. You’re providing people with information they need. You’re answering questions and you’re offering advice. Landlords and investors will notice.

Our recommended strategy when it comes to content marketing is to film videos where you offer tips and advice or bring potential clients information they need to know. Is a new law going into effect for rental property owners in Australia? Bring that information to your potential clients, and let them know how you plan to manage it.



A website should introduce people to your company. It should leave them with no doubt about what you do, where you do it, and how you help clients succeed. It should be a source of information for multiple audiences; your owners, your tenants, and all the prospective new business that you want to bring in. Your goal is to provide enough information that visitors stay on your site and learn more about you. Don’t give them a reason to leave.

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The property management websites we create are designed to convert visitors into clients. We provide all of the pertinent information such as who you are, areas you serve, and what your services cost. We give your visitors every reason to contact you. We help you reach new audiences and bring in new business.

  • Convert more property management leads

  • Make data-driven decisions about your site
  • Continuous Improvement and 90-day reviews

Continuous improvement of your website is a necessity when you want to convert leads to business. We keep a close eye on your website and use the data we collect to drive strategic decisions about what’s working and what needs improvement.

Before we launch your website, we establish goals. We discuss what we expect and what success looks like. Our continuous improvement plan holds us accountable and keeps us committed to driving conversion and business through better website traction.



Your business depends on your reputation. Many potential clients will take a look at your online reputation before picking up the phone to call you. They want to know what other people have to say about your services and your ability to manage their properties effectively. Reputation matters, and unfortunately, those negative reviews carry a lot of power.

Negative online reviews are a fact of life for property managers. We have a plan to make them less relevant. We help property managers accumulate positive reviews from the owners who are happy with their work. We want to share the stories of success, and we’ll show you how to gather and display those highlights.

  • Take control of your online reputation

  • Learn how to deal with negative reviews
  • Tools and expert advice to increase your overall star rating

Managed Reputation will help you look better to the owner prospects you’re hoping to attract. Our team will create and execute a plan to help improve your online reputation. We’ll establish review triggers, create templates, and send monthly review requests on your behalf. You’ll also get access to the platform, which helps you oversee and manage your online reviews in one place.

With Reputation Consulting, we’ll show you the tools and resources that have worked for property managers in the past. We’ll teach you how to request for reviews on your own and how to respond to both positive and negative feedback online.



Capturing those owners and investors while they’re searching online for the services you provide is a critical part of our property management marketing strategy. A pay-per-click marketing campaign can deliver huge results relatively faster than content marketing. We keep a close eye on what property owners in your area are searching for on Google and through other channels. We use this information to help your company get more calls and earn more business.

One of the best ways to win new owner leads while you’re waiting for your content marketing to deliver organic results is to invest in a pay-per-click campaign. We’ll do more than simply put the ad out there. We’ll track results and show you the data that delivers new owner leads to your landing page.

  • Over six years of PPC experience in property management

  • Get your paid ads found on Google and Bing.

  • Work with a Premier Google Partner

Landlords and investors are on the internet, looking for answers to their questions or trying to do what’s best for their investment property. We’ll put you in front of those landlords, and we’ll make sure you’re delivering the information they need. You’ll be their first choice when they decide to hire a property manager.

Our pay-per-click solution will get the attention of the leads you want. We conduct in-depth research and measure all the available data to deliver results that bring in new business.



We partner with LeadSimple to deliver high quality leads from the owners and investors you want to work with. These are qualified leads that are ready to move forward, whether they want to hire a property management company today or learn more about why professional management makes more sense for their investments.

Once you have owner leads, we help you nurture them. We’ll show you a sales process that isn’t aggressive or pushy, rather focused on gathering information and providing education. Your leads don’t want a hard sell. They want a partner who understands their needs. Our OnePartner property management marketing and website plans can help you attract the lead and land the sale.

  • Lead management software for property managers (LeadSimple)

  • Sales process setup and customization of LeadSimple CRM
  • Email marketing to engage your owner and investor prospects

The sales process is just as important to property managers as the marketing process. It doesn’t matter how many leads you attract – if you aren’t prepared to talk to them or listen to their concerns, you’re going to lose them. If you cannot answer the phone or return their messages, it’s like you never had the lead at all.

Our lead nurturing process is a seamless integration with our property management marketing plans. We’ve been helping property managers like you close sales for years. We have the strategies you need to keep a lead and increase the trust in that relationship.

We’ll help you find and close new business.


Everyone is communicating on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, including your owners, tenants, and vendors. You need to be a part of these communities, and you need to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with potential new business. Social media is a great place to share news about your company and celebrate your successes.

We know how to structure a sound social media strategy. We can help you design impressive content, reach new audiences, and keep in close contact with your current owners and tenants. Find out how to drive new audiences to your website and your company with social media management.

  • Maximise your online presence
  • Help your website get found
  • Get found in Google Local search

Social media can seem like a popularity contest. Instead of focusing on the number of likes or followers you have, make your social media platforms a part of your larger strategy. We’ll manage your message and make sure it matches your brand.

Social media should seamlessly merge with your other marketing campaigns. We want to optimise your online presence and have your Facebook page and Twitter profile lead people to your website and your property management services.



When you create blogs and educational content, you’re remaining authoritative and neutral. What about when you want to brag about the money you save owners and the opportunities you deliver to investors? Promotional videos are the place for those messages. We can create fun, engaging videos that show your audience just how great you really are.

With our promotional videos, you’ll attract new business, drive people to your website, and start creating the kind of traction that generates new leads and strengthens those who are already following you.

  • Showcase your property management services using an animated video

  • Engage your website visitors
  • Build credibility

You need a promotional video to talk about the great work your company does for owners. Promotional videos give you a chance to celebrate your successes and share the things you’re most proud of.

We help you create impressive, attractive videos designed to get the attention of owners who are looking for just the right company to manage their investment properties. These videos are fun and personal, and you get to let your property shine. In the meantime, they’re optimising your online presence and creating new search results.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Aug 13, 2020
Google Fourandhalf The
Karen is the best! Very responsive and always keeps us up to date on changes!
May 25, 2020
Google Fourandhalf Sheryl
Good Morning Karen, I have been receiving leads every week and they have proven to be successful in signing up new Owners to Full Property Management. Eyad Yusuf has also received positive leads. Last I talked with Elena M. she had also received some very good leads. We are all happy about the recent number and quality of leads we have been receiving. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much! Sheryl
Nov 19, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Brad
Great company with a great service. Karen W. has been a great help to us!
Nov 4, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Steve
Karen Wyle has transformed our social media presence far past our expectations. I would recommend fourandhalf to anyone looking to upgrade their website or increase their internet traffic.
Jul 2, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Jobe
Fourandhalf has done wonders for our property management company The Listing Real Estate Management! Our market is very competitive here in Central Florida and are extremely happy with our account manager Hope Lumbley and Fourandhalf. We highly recommend Fourandhalf if you are in the property management industry to handle all your marketing needs!
Jul 1, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Russ
Great team of people, they know what they are doing
Apr 18, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Courtney
I’m so appreciative of our team at Fourandhalf. I say team because they provide a team and partnership relationship which is one of the top reasons I love this company. They truly care about their customers, the customer experience, and are there to offer guidance, support, and help along the way. Launching our new website was scary to me but they made the process easy. They supported me and were patient with me every step of the process. Extremely helpful and professional. Special shoutout to my girl, Karen! Thanks for being the sweetest person I’ve worked with in this industry.
Mar 14, 2019
Google Fourandhalf KeyPartners
I have been working with Fourandhalf for a couple of years and have been very happy with the results. Karen is great to work with and she and her team have helped me organize marketing and lead follow up, boosted our online presence and produced our new website. All have resulted in positive results and new business. I would highly recommend them!
Jan 31, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Terri
They provide exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to exceed any expectation you may have. The have helped me build my business Steadily for the past several years. I could not have done it with out their assistance!
Dec 5, 2018
Google Fourandhalf DENNIS
I wanted to say thank you to Brittany Stephens for the year we have worked together and your professionalism. You have helped navigate me through the whole process and taught me a lot about marketing my brand. Merry Christmas

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