You may have noticed that Google Ads are getting a bit pricey.

If you’re a growing property management company, you know you need a multi-faceted online marketing strategy. More than likely, Google Ads is a big part of that strategy, and you might be finding that you need to spend more to gain the kind of attention you want. There are a few things you can do to avoid the extra expense, and we’re talking about those in today’s blog.

Property Managers and Google Ads:

Competition and AdWords Costs

Think of Google Ads like a BidMate auction. You bid on what you’ll pay for clicks, and competing property management companies get to make their own bids. Google evaluates what you’re willing to pay and measures it against what all the others are willing to pay. Then, they consider your quality score and the quality scores of your competitors, and they decide who will place first, second, third, and so forth in the search results.

If you’re willing to pay more – cheers. If you’d rather not pay more, you need to focus on raising your quality score, which is impacted by:

    • Expected click through rate.
    • Landing page experience.
    • Ad relevance to the user’s search terms.

You Need a Better Quality Score

Instead of paying more to rank higher, consider making some adjustments to your content so you can improve your quality score and become more relevant to Google and its users.

Google sees itself as a referral service. Their goal is to provide the best information to the people who are searching the site. They aren’t Google unless they’re providing the most relevant search results.

You can help Google lift your ranking by demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about.

Identify your ideal client’s pain points, and provide the most relevant ad copy you can. If you put out information that addresses those pain points, you’re going to stay ahead of your competition and find yourself more appealing to Google. Focus on those pain points in your Google Ad.

What will make the people searching for property management help click on your ad? Draw their attention to your landing page, and drive up your quality score. Instead of paying more, you can provide more.

Adjust Your Landing Page

When someone searching the internet clicks on your ad, they go right to your landing page. This landing page needs to address the same pain points that your ad mentioned. Perhaps your landing page is pretty. Maybe it’s very pretty. But, if the information isn’t useful, you’ll lose visitors before they can leave their contact information. Make sure it’s easy to see what your services are and how they provide value to the people who are searching for help.

Property Managers Find Google Ads Useful with the Right Strategy

While Google Ads is getting more expensive, you can still get a lot out of a Google AdWords campaign, especially if you can focus on having the right strategy. Make yourself stand out from your competitors, and you’ll be successful on Google.

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